viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Abuelos De La Nada - 1982 - Los Abuelos De La Nada

No te enamores nunca de aquel marinero bengalí
Sin gamulán
Como debo andar
En la cama o en el suelo
Ir a más
Tristeza de la ciudad
Creo que es un sueño más
Levantando temperatura
Guindilla ardiente
Te vas rica
Se me olvidó que te olvidé


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Jack dijo...

Constitutes a common misconception
the assumption that Daniel Melingo
(Melingo), upon returning from Brazil
in 1980, immediately joined Miguel
Abuelo’s (Miguel Abuelo) band ‘Los
Abuelos De la Nada’ by playing sax,
clarinet and doing vocals, and it is as
well uncertain that he did participate in
1981 debut singles "Guindilla ardiente"
and "Mundos in mundos".

Early 1979 Daniel Melingo travelled
to the city Ouro Preto, a municipium
of the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil,
where he met mime Olucaro Ocimotana
who had previously gained a significant
success in the Sao Paulo Bienal Arts
Foundation with his unipersonal
spectacle ‘Magical Theatre: A mankind
history in the planet’. Daniel Melingo
was so impressed by the structure of
musicalized theatrical sketches that he
joined playing clarinet to Juan Aguilar
(acoustic guitar) and chilean Esteban
(surname to be confirmed) (devices

By September 1979, mime Olucaro
Ocimotana’s spectacle had evolved into
a multimedia experience touring, under
the name of ‘Theatre of The Invisible
of Buenos Aires’, several brazilean cities
including Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and
Rio de Janeiro.
These unique shows, a combination of
mime-music-dance & poetry, marks
Daniel Melingo’s first participation in a
musical theatre project. The performance
in the city of Sabarà, around 23 km East
from the neighbor state of Belo Horizonte,
counted with the collaboration of
Guillermo Medin in charge of video
tape recordings.

In June 1984 ‘Theatre of The Invisible
of Buenos Aires’ gave their last perfor-
mance before departing to Europe, at
FUNARJ’s Sala Cecilia Meirelles in
Rio de Janeiro: Olucaro Ocimotana
(Producer, General Director, mime),
Mariangela Mascaretti (mime partner),
Guillermo Medin (Quistral, Final,
Berklee College of Music 1983 Award
in Composition, ‘Biorsi’, Klhasch)
(Musical Director, keyboards), Luciano
Bahia (keyboards), Josè Simian (electric
guitars), Jorge Varela (electric bass),
Toni Aguiar (wind instruments), Claudia
Samanta (vocals); but by then Daniel
Melingo already had left the ensemble
presumably to play with Milton

In 1980 upon returning to Buenos Aires,
Daniel Melingo formed his own group
called ‘Ring Club’ and the material
consisted of musicalized theatrical
sketches which kept a similar structure
learned from mime Olucaro Ocimotana’s
‘Theatre of The Invisible’. The second
set of shows named ‘Juicio oral al Dr.
Moreau’ featured Miguel Abuelo (vocals,
percussion), Gustavo Bazterrica (Gustavo
Bazterrica) (electric guitar), Juan del
Barrio (Juan Del Barrio) (keyboards),
Miguel Zavaleta (vocals, keyboards) and
guest artists: ‘Los Hermanos Clavel’ and
’Las BayBiscuits’.